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Our Team Philosophy

The Ingersol Short Sale Real Estate Team prides itself on putting ego’s aside and doing what is best to get the deal done.  Dedicated to creativity to help think through the facts, find alternatives if necessary and with varied expertise find the solutions needed for success.    You will find calm resilience, frank and honest integrity and the determination it takes to pull together a strategic plan that will ultimately succeed at making a great buy or sale.




Residential Broker - Traditional, Short Sale and Multi Family

What do you get when you combine a real estate broker with a seasoned real estate appraiser?  The best real estate experience one could hope for.  Matt has been in the real estate game in one form or another for 12+ years.   Matt worked for 12 years in the family business of real estate appraisals before taking the next logical step of becoming a licensed real estate broker.  Having the background of setting values throughout Wisconsin and Illinois affords his buyers the expertise of finding a bargain and his sellers are assured that the property is listed for the true value that will bring in the top dollar in the least amount of time.


Matt saw the difficulty within the short sale market and wanted to find a way to help buyers and owners alike. He knew there had to be a better way to find bargains for his buyers without the usual 6-8 months of torture most buyers have gone through to buy a short sale.  And, there had to be a way for sellers to be able to sell a distressed property without facing financial ruin for years to come. Matt sought out one of the best teams in the industry to assist distressed owners and those efforts paid off. Matt has become one of Northern Illinois’ Top Short Sale Agents by teaming up with the professionals at Distressed Property Solutions Network. In 2016 alone, they facilitated over $5,000,000 in short sales, eliminated $3.5 Million is mortgage debt and helped sellers avoid the dreaded foreclosure consequence and buyers find bargains they never dreamt were possible. 


Matt and his team average less than 30 days from the time a buyer submits an offer on a short sale to having a lenders approval to close.  Once the banks approve the offer and the sale can move forward, the only thing left is buyers financing.  The team even has mortgage and lender network partners ready to put that financing in motion. 



Document Prep Solutions, Inc.


Not your average Negotiators & Document Prep. 

Document Prep Solutions, Inc. is a network of professionals that do not take the “list and wait” approach to ShortSales. Our people are active from day one with the intent that “This property will close”. Many of our properties have Bank Approval to close before we even have a buyer. Our Trademarked LOC Squared program makes it possible to shorten time frames and get properties closed fast.  Also, we leverage the massive experience of the professionals in the network. The network professionals consist of Lender Negotiators, Distressed Property Strategist, Experienced Shortsale Experts, Commissioned Closing Agents, Mortgage Originators, Processors and Real Estate Attorneys with title and mortgage background.




Investment Property, Commercial and International Broker

Ed began his real estate sales career originally with a Century 21 office, and quickly became the top producer of a 50 agent office. He was ranked in the top 1% of all agents within the Century 21 System. Mr. Schwind was one of the first agents in the Century 21 system to become a “Mega-Broker”. He had 2 agents as well as 1 assistant working specifically for his personal real estate business. Throughout his career, Ed has trained numerous agents on how to invest in real estate as well as buy/rent/resell multiple properties in an effort to gain greater returns other than just receiving commissions. Ed is a full time agent at the South loop office.

Below is a brief summary of his background.
◾Started in Foreclosures in 1990
◾Received Real Estate Salesperson license in 1991
◾Received Real Estate Appraiser Certification in 1992
◾Licensed from 1992-2000 at Century 21 S.G.R. Inc. 3813 N. Lincoln Chicago
◾Licensed Real Estate Broker Since 1997
◾Relocation Specialist Century 21 S.G.R. 1996-1998
◾Certified New Construction Specialist 1998
◾Top Agent at Century 21 S.G.R Inc. 1996-1999
◾Centurion agent since 1997 – Century 21 Top 1% of all agents
◾Current Rehab Specialist for individual and investment groups
◾Real Estate Developer / Investor


Network Lenders

All Mortgage Lenders are not the same

Our team includes loan officers with years of experience giving them the ability to think outside the box, to search out the program that will work for you.  Simply finding a mortgage lender and actually obtaining a mortgage is not as simple a task as advertisements would lead you to believe. If getting the mortgage done correctly and quickly is important to you, Our mortgage lenders have the man power to make things happen for you.



Home Loans

A Results Oriented Lender with You in Mind

Ed Zamora at Caliber Home Loans has helped thousands of families with their financial needs in his 26 years. Ed speaks fluent Spanish and has been originating home loans since 1993. He will not only help families with a mortgage but assist them with correcting or establishing their credit. Ed has programs for every scenario and thrives on assisting families to buy their dream home and achieving the result of making people happy.

There isn’t a deal I won’t tackle, So call me to get pre-approved and lets get you into your dream home today!


Fairway Mortgage Corporation

An Independent Mortgage Corporation that gets Deals Done

For Franco Valentino at Fairway, customer service is a way of life. They consider it their job to take care of you better than anyone else. The following is a quote from Franco.

“You can rely on me for smart home financing options and exceptional service. After all, Fairway believes we are only as good as our last loan. You remain a highly valued client of mine and, of course, I look forward to continuing to take care of your mortgage needs.”

If you are purchasing a new home, applying for a loan or remodeling your house Contact Franco today.




Personal Service and Attention Right in Your Neighborhood

Walter and his team have the expertise and experience to get you the right mortgage, and to handle your transaction professionally. As a Sales Manager and Loan officer with Wintrust Mortgage, Walter has the experience to ensure you get the mortgage that is right for you. Whether you are buying, selling, or refinancing, it is important to have an experienced mortgage professional to help you analyze your financing options, and make sure the closing goes smoothly. 

Get Walter involved early on in your home-buying process. Starting the Process now, not only gives you a better idea of what you can qualify for, it also gives you a stronger negotiation position when you find the home of your dreams.




If you are having difficulty with your mortgage because of your bills, You may start thinking, “Hey I could file for bankruptcy. That will wipe out all my debts. I can stop the foreclosure, keep the house, and the lender can’t do anything about it.”.  We’ve all seen the commercials on TV, keep your house file bankruptcy. Well, regretfully that is not the whole truth!

There are certain threshold qualifications that must be met which were tightened up when the U.S. Bankruptcy Code was revised a few years ago. Our teams Attorneys are experienced determining the best and most successful method of Bankruptcy to help you meet your goals.


If you are facing foreclosure bankruptcy may help. However, this is a relatively short solution and is probably not the best first option. Bankruptcy is usually better employed as a part of a more comprehensive foreclosure strategy  Contact one of our bankruptcy specialist TODAY to discuss your goals and to see if Bankruptcy is right for you.


Foreclosure Defense


Every Month, 250,000 Americans are losing their homes to foreclosure. If you’re one of those facing foreclosure, it is time to think about the foreclosure defense options that are available to you.

Our Attorneys are the TOP Foreclosure Defense Attorneys in their field. 

There are very few attorneys around the country that have been retrained, researched and became true foreclosure defense attorneys. Defending a foreclosure is not simple nor does every attorney have the background or experience that you may think. Law is just like going to the doctor, there are general attorneys and attorneys that focus on only a select few areas of the law.

Our Attorneys are fully prepared to defend your interests in court. Call TODAY for a free consultation.

Other Members of the Team

Foreclosure Defense Representation

Greater Metropolitan

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